Welcome to the website of the Association ITEC Alumni Madagascar

The ITEC Alumni Association Madagascar was created on September 27, 2013 under the aegis of the Indian Ambassador to Madagascar Mrs. Manju Seth, and Mr. Madan Lal Raigar, Head of Chancery, at the time. It brings together the old government dungeons of India as well as young people baptized “Friends of ITEC” who share the same vision and ambition of the Association.

The main objective is the promotion of Malagasy and Indian cultural exchange, as well as the promotion of India in Madagascar. The association thus constitutes the Ambassador of Indian culture and Malagasy.

The activities of the association for 2018-2019 include the theme: “Promotion of India in Madagascar” and this through socio-cultural and economic activities and the establishment of an “Indian Cultural Center”, one of the great projects of the Association.

From this year 2018, the association intends to expand its activities outside Antananarivo for greater cohesion between the Indian community and members of the Association throughout the island. The fields of environment, economy, education will be part of these activities.

The ITEC Association also helps the most disadvantaged so that they can have a decent life through several social actions.

In addition, the association also works for the personal development of its members and their development through self-help, training, sharing experiences and other activities.

We appeal to all those who share the same visions as us to join and contribute because “Ny taotrano tsy efan’irery”, that is to say we can not do everything alone.

All activities of the Association are under the aegis and in close collaboration with the Embassy of India in Madagascar.